Wine course

During the spring and summer, we want to give our guests the opportunity to learn more about the world of wine here at Fagn. Informal and easy, suitable for those who have little to medium previous knowledge of wine and want to learn more about this wonderful juice and its history.

Date and theme for the wine tastings:

August 8. 2023
“Scandinavian wine”, go through & taste wine produced in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

August 29. 2023
“The forgotten regions”, taste wine from lesser-known areas in famous wine countries, also with lesser-known local grapes.

September 19. 2023
“Vintage wine. What does aging do to the wine?” Taste young and old versions of the same wine against each other.

October 10. 2023
Wine & Game. New wine course with food, discussing wines to pair with various game dishes

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