food and wine course

Food and Wine Pairing – Course with Ådne and Filmom (NOK 1800.00)

Join in when our head chef Ådne and restaurant manager Filmom hold a course focused on the many exciting aspects of food and drinks! The guests will join us in the kitchen, where Ådne will create a 3-course menu.

Here the guests will be taken through the details on how some techniques will reflect on the final result. At the same time Filmom will bring his expertise on how the cooking will have an effect on wine, and how the various techniques from Ådne will completely change whether a wine can be used for a dish, or not.

It will be made a focus on some snacks or ingredients which will have a huge impact on wine, and that easily can change the taste experience. It will also be shown techniques for the relation towards wine and drinks.

Filmom is the restaurant manager at Fagn, and have with his wide experience made a great repertoir within wine and drinks. Filmom was the winner of Junior Wine Awards 2023, won Jeanue Rottiseur sommelier competition in 2022, and have also represented Norway in the sommelier World Championships in Germany in 2022.

Ådne is our head chef at Fagn, and have been a part of the team since 2020. His central position at Fagn has been very important, and he wish to express his thoughts with food and drinks. He grew up in the little village of Rindal, and have used his rural upbringing as a central inspiration for the philosophy behind Fagn.

food and wine course